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Before You Apply

Some things to know before you start...

1. Youth In Mission is a team-oriented ministry.

You will be placed on a team with other participants—some you may know, and some will be total strangers. You will be expected to live, work, and minister with them for 8 weeks. You will be asked to get along with people who are different than you. Youth In Mission operates under the kingdom value of community. If you are not ready, willing, and able to submit to an experiment in true Christian community, then stop now and save yourself some time. If you are looking for an organization that can get you to a ministry site where you can go off by yourself and do your own thing, we suggest that you find what you are looking for with a good travel agent. Youth In Mission is about ministry through community.

2. Youth In Mission has a strict "No Dating" policy.

This means that while you are on a Youth In Mission team, you will not be allowed to "date" any of your teammates. Exclusive relationships such as these distract from team community. There is also a strict policy against starting a dating relationship with someone at your ministry site. These situations raise questions in the minds of the people you are supposed to serve about your motivation for being there. Because of this, we don’t allow even the hint of starting a relationship, or engaging in flirtation. We also impose strict rules ensuring that you follow the culturally appropriate behaviors related to the interaction between men and women on your ministry site. If you do not follow them, we will bring you back from your site.

Youth In Mission is very adamant that nothing interferes with the ministry of your team.

For these reasons and others, we do not allow pre-existing dating relationships on the same team. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé, and you both want to participate in YIM, please do not apply for the same team.

If you both have similar interests, and want to list the same "top 3" options, then please indicate to us that you are in a relationship with another applicant and we can place you on separate teams. (Otherwise, we will have to  move one of you to a different team after we have already placed you, and this can be very disappointing.)

3. Youth In Mission seeks to encourage character-building.

As part of the application process, Youth In Mission reserves the right to contact faculty and staff on your campus about your participation, as well as contact any of your references for more information.

4. Youth In Mission wishes to create a safe, enjoyable experience.

By applying for Youth In Mission you agree to abide by the rules of the
Church of the Nazarene and any rules that may be given to you while at training camp. Failure to abide by these rules may be cause to bring you home from your ministry site (at yours or your parent's expense). Some of these rules include: a dating relationship with someone on your team or on the site (or the appearance of), lack of involvement (being disengaged with the ministry or your team), and/or having a bad attitude toward the ministry or your team.