Christ. Community. Culture.

Our Mission: Engaging young adults in the mission of Christ through the Community of the church in the diversity of Culture.


The primary purpose of the YIM re-launch is to offer mission opportunities to the majority of Nazarene young adults (ages 18-25) on the USA and Canada region who are attending state colleges or universities, working, or are occupying that “in-between-space,” or “gap”, while considering what’s next in their lives. Nazarene University/College students are also welcome to apply. Recruitment for six teams of 3 or 4 young adults from across the USA and Canada region is underway! YIM is also opening registration for 2 or 3 youth or young adult groups per location to join our YIM teams for summer, short-term mission experiences (5-7 days). YIM hopes to contribute to the resourcing of youth leaders and groups for greater socio-economic and cultural awareness preparation in the domestic mission opportunities of the USA and Canada region through the Church of the Nazarene. New Class & Culture Awareness training is being developed. YIM also seeks to achieve these goals through the relational dynamics of location coordinators embedded missionally in their contexts, YIM teams joining them in their missional initiatives, and youth or young adult groups serving on their short-term mission experience to gain a greater awareness for the diversity of their own and other cultures.


Youth in Mission has been sending teams of young adults from the USA and Canada regional Nazarene Colleges and Universities (and beyond) to the far reaches of the globe to engage in missions since the 1960s. YIM alumni are found across the world engaging in various vocations. Over the years, our Nazarene Universities and Colleges have created effective programs, equipping and sending Mission teams to a variety of inter-cultural settings. YIM partners and draws on their experiences to share with the majority of Nazarene young adults seeking God’s direction and vocational preparation as they explore serving in urban and rural inter-cultural situations outside the context of Nazarene higher education.

What We Do

Youth in Mission team members will be missioning alongside their YIM Location Coordinators in the local church context in various ministries possibly including, but not limited to:
  • Sunday Ministry (All Age Groups)
  • Sports & Athletic Activities
  • Community Volunteer Projects
  • Visiting Nursing Homes
  • Kids Camps & Vacation Bible Schools
  • Domestic Services (Cleaning, Gardening, Painting)
  • Promotion
Looking for an internship in these areas?
  • Healthcare
  • Social work
  • Business
  • Language
  • Teaching
  • Ministry
  • Sciences
  • Politics
We’ll work together with you and location coordinators to see if we can offer options in these vocations and more. We want to serve together as the Body of Christ in the present as we seek to be equipped for the kingdom of God in the future!


Cactus, TX

Cactus Minister among resettled refugees with Nazarene Compassion Center leaders. The shocking diversity of 17 different people groups and 20 different languages will reveal the inter-cultural mission opportunities tucked away in many small communities across the region.

Detroit, MI

detroit_300 When people move away from the city, those in the most need are often left in the city. Mission alongside leaders engaged in diverse urban ministry among various age groups.

Philadelphia, PA

philledelphia_300 Philly First Nazarene and Front Step are leading the way on the Philadelphia District with a dynamic urban ministry in the midst of the city.

St. Louis, MO

sl_300 Ministry leaders in this area are missioning among those engaged in headline news coverage with some of the most critical social issues of our times.

SW Native American Dist

snad_300 There are 35 Nazarene churches in this mission area. Ministry in the Navajo Nation will be led in partnership with Nazarene church leaders who embody the gospel through their contexts and love their communities in the hope of Jesus.

Turkey Creek, KY

Turkey-Creek Teams working alongside Nazarene and local leaders seek to embody the gospel in a community with unique needs and cultures that will open your eyes to missions in all new ways.




  • Are you a young adult (18-25yrs) interested in missions?
  • Looking for an engaging opportunity to join God in his mission?
  • Want to live mission alongside those that serve, know, and love their communities in Christ?
  • Do you have a cross-cultural curiosity you are willing to cultivate in prayer?
  • Willing to prepare in advance via monthly virtual meetings with a team?
  • Ready to grow as a team in leading a youth group for their short-term mission trip?
  • Have you checked out the YIM Locations yet?


Team Calendar 2015

Week Date Activity
Week 1 June 9-13 Indianapolis Training Camp
Week 2 June 14-20 Site Deployment/Orientation
Week 3 June 21-27 Site/Groups
Week 4 June 28-July 4 Site/Groups
Week 5 July 5-11 Site/Groups
*Week 6 July 12-18 Site/Groups
Week 7 July 19-27 Site/Decompression | Site Good-byes for Team
Week 8 July 28-Aug 1 Indianapolis ReEntry Camp
  Aug-Sept YIM Guided Mentor Re-entry Journey

*July 7-July 12: NYC2015 – One team member will be selected form each site to rep


Team Member Pricing: $3,100.00

8 Weeks | Transportation | Housing | Meals | Admin



  • Are you looking for a new mission experience for your youth or young adult group?
  • Willing to invest ahead of time in relationships and preparation?
  • Ready to serve at home before you serve somewhere else?
  • Do you have a range of ages and generations interested?
  • Wanna see the USA a in a whole new way?
  • Is the budget a factor?
  • Prayed about it?


Group Calendar 2015

These are “general” dates each location is available to host groups and we are open to explore your timing needs.

June 21-27
June 28-July 4
July 5-11
July 12-18
July 19-25
Aug – Sept – YIM Guided Group Re-entry Journey
July 12-18


Group Pricing

$55 per person per night includes:

Meals | Lodging | Site | Admin

  • 3 day / 2 night = $165.00
  • 4 day / 3 night = $220.00
  • 5 day / 4 night = $275.00
  • 6 day / 5 night = $335.00

Let’s discuss your pricing options!